Baserunning From A to Z

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Jerry Weinstein
191 minutes

Baserunning From A to Z provides a comprehensive review of the key factors involved in one of the most important and overlooked elements in baseball. Featuring over three hours of information, ideas, and insights from one of the most respected coaches in baseball, the DVD covers every fundamental aspect of baserunning. The DVD looks at the game within the game-the subtle little details that can make a big difference in a team's ability to enhance its run-scoring capabilities. The DVD also offers specific techniques that can help turn a baserunner into a base stealer. In addition, almost an hour of actual game footage that helps demonstrate the baserunning techniques examined in the DVD is included.

Among the topics covered:

  • Prepare for your preparation
  • From home to first base
  • First base
  • From first base to second base
  • Second base
  • Third base
  • Game footage