Baserunning: Setting the Tempo of the Game

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Bob Morgan
31 minutes

A strong argument can be made that baserunning sets the tempo of a game. In that regard, Baserunning: Setting the Tempo of the Game stresses the need to make things happen, as well as the value of being aggressive on the bases. The DVD reviews the basic rules of baserunning with regard to the number of outs and when baserunners should take chances and when they should not. The DVD also covers the key factors involved in taking primary and secondary leads at each base. In addition, the DVD looks at what coaches can do when their team has baserunners at first and third to help their team manufacture runs. Concerning baserunning, the DVD emphasizes the fact that players need to be both very aggressive and disciplined at the same time.

Among the topics covered:

  • Basic baserunning rules
  • Running to first base
  • Rounding first base on a sure basehit
  • Rounding first base on a sure double
  • Running from first base
  • Running from 2nd base
  • Running from 3rd base
  • Runners on 1st & 3rd
  • Guess method
  • Read play