Basketball Highway`s Playground Pointers

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Alan Lambert
187 pages

An easy-to-read collection of 36 instructional tips that, when understood and applied, will help players at any level of competition become the very best basketball players that they can. Includes sections on four critical areas of play. The first, mental and physical game, advances ideas such as playing the percentages, understanding plyometrics, and intelligent workouts. The second section is on developing your offensive skills, and shows you how to use the dribble, how to get your shot off quickly, when to shoot (and not shoot) and more. The third section is on defensive skills, and includes information on using your hands on defense, smart pressure, defending the fast break, etc. The final section, developing your other skills, offers advice on getting recruited, footwork, effectively utilizing space on the court, and more. Ideal for athletes, parents, and coaches.