Building Championship-Caliber Football Programs: Inside the Locker Rooms and Minds of State Champion Head Football Coaches

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Chris Fore
225 pages

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What better way to learn and grow as a coach than to pick the brains of other successful coaches? Building Championship-Caliber Football Programs presents coaches with the unique opportunity to peek inside the locker rooms and minds of state champion head football coaches from all over the country. Coach Fore contacted nearly every 2011 high school state champion football team to ask the head coach what he believed made the difference for his team that season. With responses from 108 coaches, Fore uncovered the top 10 difference-makers and presents them in this well-crafted resource. In addition, each coach's full responses to the following questions are included at the end of the book:

What did you do differently this year from the other programs in your league, your section, your state that enabled your success as a state champion?

What piece of advice would you give to a head coach who wants to win a state championship?

What do you consider the one most important aspect of your championship team this year? How did you develop that in your program?