Coaches' Guide to Cross Country and Track and Field: Training Cycles

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Monty Steadman
318 pages

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Coaches' Guide to Cross Country and Track and Field: Training Cycles, by Monty Steadman, is a user-friendly resource which outlines a comprehensive system for developing a united cross country and track and field program. The emphasis is on a program that is organized around the efficient utilization of coaching staff, athletes, and facilities. This book offers a detailed description of a typical yearly coaching cycle, starting with pre-cross country in the summer, moving through the school year, and culminating with the state track and field meet in June.

What others are saying:

During my 25 years of association with Coach Steadman, I was always impressed with his organizational knowledge of every event, from the sprints, distance, and middle distance to all of the field events.
- Samuel Davis
  Retired High School and District Administrator, East Side Union High School District (CA)

Drawing on his substantial experience and knowledge, Monty Steadman has written a well-researched high school track program development book. Coaches’ Guide to Cross Country and Track and Field is an excellent resource that every serious high school coach in America should possess.
- Ron Davis
  Former NCAA Division I Cross Country and Track Coach

Based on my 40-plus years of experience as a track coach at the high school, community college, university, and Olympic levels, it is my opinion that Monty Steadman should be ranked as one of the best prep coaches in California history. Monty is dynamic, rare, and unwavering when it comes to coaching track and field. He is one of the best.
- Bert Bonanno
  Retired Track and Field and Cross Country Coach/Athletic Director, San Jose City College

More than anything else, Coach Steadman understands the ingredients needed to build a track and field program. Drawing up and administering workouts to athletes is not difficult—establishing a training methodology, balancing team and individual goals, creating community, communicating with adolescents clearly and consistently, motivating the sometimes unmotivated, and always being willing to innovate and update your training philosophy is very difficult. Coach Steadman is a master craftsman in these respects, and he shares his extensive knowledge in Coaches’ Guide to Cross Country and Track and Field. He was absolutely instrumental to my success as an athlete, as well as any successes I’ve had as a coach.
- Jeff Rogers
  Head Track and Field Coach, Saint Mary’s College High School (CA)

Over the past 25 years, I have had the privilege to work with and observe Monty Steadman in the arena of track and field. We were opposing coaches in the Mount Hamilton athletic league, and, after his retirement from high school athletics, I called on Monty to help me jump-start our emerging Division I track program at Santa Clara University. In both situations, Monty did an outstanding job. His vast experience coupled with superior organizational skills qualifies him as an expert in track and field and cross country.
- Tom Service
  Retired Cross Country and Track Coach, Santa Clara University