The Complete Track and Field Coaches Guide to Conditioning for the Throwing Events

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Larry Judge
269 pages/107 minutes

The Complete Track and Field Coaches` Guide to Conditioning for the Throwing Events will put you on the path to make steady improvement in throwing. Athletes and coaches need to understand how a plan can make a difference. It is also imperative for coaches, more than the athletes, to understand the science behind the plan. The book attempts to bring the science to the coaches, and you will learn the terms and the basics of that science.

Chapters include:

  • Important Concepts in Exercise Science
  • Strength Development at the Track
  • Developing Special Strength and Speed in the Ring
  • Developing a Resistance-Training Program
  • Chronic and Acute Variables
  • Resistance-Training Program Design
  • Detection, Prevention, and Treatment of Injuries
  • Nutrition and Ergogenic Aids
  • Putting a Training Program Together
  • Psychological Preparation: Getting Into the "Flow"

The book also includes an appendix with sample training programs and a glossary of throws training terminology.