Coaching the Wildcat Single Wing Jet Series

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Corey Parker
40 minutes
Coaching the Wildcat Single Wing Jet Series presents an overview of the basic factors involved in an up-tempo spread offense that puts the ball into the hands of key playmakers, pushes plays towards the edge where there are larger gaps, and takes advantage of defenses that are attempting to stack the box. The DVD describes how teams can pass either short or vertical-off the jet, as well as run play-action to take advantage of defenses expecting the offense to run the ball off of the jet movement. The DVD also explains how teams can create one-on-one situations, in which the offensive player with the ball has an edge. In addition, the DVD points out the fundamental elements involved in matching the size and abilities of players to the positions needed to ensure that the jet series is successful. Furthermore, the DVD examines the requisite offensive line techniques that are best for the jet series in the wildcat single wing, as well as discusses how to use an unbalanced line to create problems for the defense.

Among the topics covered: 

• Reason for running the jet series 
• Added finesse to power 
• Created a variation of options 
• Jet series motion 
• Short 
• Short power weak pop 
• Empty bubble