Coaching to Your Strength at the High School Level

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Dan Gruber
82 minutes

Coaching to Your Strength at the High School Level explains that no singular secret to success or magic formula for coaching long distance runners exists. The DVD notes that a number of pathways can lead to success. The DVD also explores the difference between working smart versus working hard. In that regard, the DVD reviews why it is better to work smart, as well as discusses the power of rest. In addition, The DVD outlines the speakers two basic philosophical levels of coaching distance runners-maintain. The athlete's love of running and remember that immediate results are not as important as consistent results. The DVD also details the fact that coaches can best approach the task of developing a basic workout plan for their athletes by determining when do they want their athletes to perform their best and then planning backwards.

Among the topics covered:

• Key concepts
• Smart work vs. hard work
• Basic philosophy
• Basic workout plan
• Workout plan
• Questions and answers