Collegiate 10k Training

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Wendel McRaven
65 minutes
Collegiate 10k Training discusses a field-tested general philosophy of training 5,000m-10,000m runners, as well as points out the key principles by which every distance running coach should be guided when working with athletes. The DVD also details the training factors that should be addressed during the fall semester and the winter break period. In addition, the DVD specifies the various training emphases during the three competitive seasons of the year (indoor, early outdoor, championship). Finally, the DVD looks at the five basic results that were achieved by employing the recommended training regimen: maintained aerobic strength during the year; used races as part of training; stayed fresh; still excited about racing at the end of the year; and ran the fastest when it matters.

Among the topics covered:
  • Guiding principles
  • Considerations
  • Training philosophy
  • Fall/XC training patterns
  • Winter break training pattern
  • Indoor goals/priorities
  • Early outdoor season
  • Championship season
  • Final analysis