Counter Variations

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Josh Cochran
53 minutes
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In Counter Variations, Josh Cochran, Tight Ends Coach at Texas Tech University, discusses how to implement the counter run game, involving your running backs, tight ends, and quarterback. Coach Cochran details a variety of personnel groupings, formations and the individual responsibilities for each player. Additionally, Coach Cochran provides a number of drills and techniques for your linemen in the counter scheme. Finally, Coach Cochran reviews a number of film cut-ups and play diagrams illustrating his counter run game philosophy.

Topics covered include:

• Why Run the Counter?
• Multiple Personnel Groupings
• 0-Line and TE Blocking Responsibilities
• Rules of Running the Counter
• Formations and Play-Calling
• QB Runs in the Counter Scheme
• Run Game Drills and Techniques
• Play Diagrams
• Film Cut-ups