Designing a Summer Speed Program

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Mike Tucker
42 minutes
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In Designing a Summer Speed Program, Mike Tucker, Head Athletic Performance Coach at Villanova University, outlines the need for an offseason speed training program, and how it builds “faster, more explosive” athletes. Coach Tucker details the steps involved in adding a speed component into your summer workouts, and provides examples of the results gained from his program, which utilizes the “High-Low Central Nervous System Approach.” Coach Tucker also reviews a number of drills for your offseason training program, maps out a schedule, and teaches coaches how to build the speed program into your offseason training. Additionally, Tucker participates in an question and answer session to help coaches of all levels understand his speed program, as well as how it benefits all levels of football.

Among the topics covered:

• Why the need for a “Speed Program”
• Building a “Speed Program”
• The “High-Low Central Nervous System” Approach to Speed Training
• Developing a Weekly Training Schedule
• Building Speed in the Weight Room
• Specific Drills for Speed Training
• Max Velocity Training
• Load Management and Recovery