Developing the Pass Rusher

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Caid Faske
46 minutes
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In Developing the Pass Rusher, Caid Faske, Defensive End Coach at Stephen F. Austin University (TX) discusses defensive line play across all positions, with an emphasis on rushing the QB. Coach Faske details a variety of stances and basic fundamentals for all DL positions. Additionally, Coach Faske outlines the importance of an effective pass rush for your defense, including keys, techniques, and reading the offensive line. Finally, Coach Faske provides film cut-ups illustrating his philosophies. Topics covered include:

  • DE/DL Development
  • Stance and Fundamentals
  • Common Pass Rush Mistakes and How to Prevent Them
  • Footwork and Hand Placement
  • Countering Offensive Line Techniques
  • Importance of a Pass Rush for your Defense
  • “The Big 3” Pass Rush Moves
  • Pass Rush Keys and Techniques
  • Film Cut-Ups