Developing Your Coaching Staff

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Marty Hunter
32 minutes
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In Developing Your Coaching Staff, Marty Hunter, former head coach at George Fox University, details how to find and develop the coaches on your staff. Coach Hunter outlines how to identify and define your program’s goals, and how coaches of different personality types and backgrounds fit into your program. Additionally, Coach Hunter discusses how to communicate with your staff, as well as how your staff communicates with your athletes. Finally, Coach Hunter shows how to utilize your coach’s strengths and weaknesses to develop your athletes and increase the overall success of your program.

Topics covered include:

• Developing and Utilizing Your Connections
• Mentorship
• Understanding and Processing Information
• Finding Coaches
• Setting Program Goals and How Coaches Fit
• Program Organization
• Communication Between Staff and Athletes
• Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses
• Supporting Your Staff On and Off the Field