Duquense Defensive Coverages

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Kory Gribbin
59 minutes
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In Duquense Defensive Coverages, Kory Gribbin, Tight Ends Coach, Special Teams Coordinator, and Recruiting Coordinator at Duquense University, details all aspects of defensive back play, with an emphasis on coverages. Coach Gribbin discusses the basic principles of coverage, how to develop fundamentals, and how to teach these skills to your athletes. Additionally, Coach Gribbin discusses defensive back techniques and terminology. Finally, Coach Gribbin outlines various coverage schemes, when to employ them, and provides film cut-ups demonstrating these schemes.

Topics covered include:

• Fundamentals and Skill Building
• Terminology and Techniques
• Coverage Schemes
• Positioning and Alignments
• Defending Various Formations
• Cover 2 Variations
• Film Cut-Ups