How the Iowa Hawkeye Defense is Built

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Seth Wallace
51 minutes
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Presented at the 2020 AFCA Conference, How the Iowa Hawkeye Defense is Built gives an inside look at what makes the Iowa Hawkeyes so successful defensively, year after year. Seth Wallace, Assistant Defensive Coordinator and Linebackers Coach for Iowa, outlines the philosophy behind the Iowa defense, the schemes they run, and how it is implemented. Using various drills, formations, and techniques, Coach Wallace details how to turn practice time into results on gameday. Additionally, Coach Wallace discusses the role each player has in various defensive formations/schemes and provides position-specific drills.

Topics covered include:

• Iowa Defensive Philosophy
• “Building from Back to Front”
• Limiting Big Plays
• Coverage Schemes
• Run Defense Principles
• Defending Unbalanced Formations
• Gap Responsibilities
• Positional Drills