Hurdle Progressions Over Four Years

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Don Helberg
56 minutes

Hurdle Progressions Over Four Years explores the key factors involved in training top-flight high hurdle athletes. The DVD offers ideas and insights concerning how coaches can enable high hurdlers to perform at their best when it counts, particularly average kids. The DVD details the characteristics of a high hurdler, reviews the specific phases of the hurdle technique, presents suggestions on how to develop the high hurdler, features training drills for high hurdles, explains how to analyze a high hurdler, and outlines how to correct common faults in high hurdles.

Among the topics covered:

• High hurdles
• Phases
• Freshman-year goals
• Sophomore-year goals
• Junior/senior-year goals
• Hurdle drills
• How to analyze your hurdlers
• Correction of common faults