The Science of Hurdling–Hurdling By The Numbers

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Mike Gipson
87 minutes
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In The Science of Hurdling–Hurdling By The Numbers, Mike Gipson, Associate Head Coach of Track and Field at UC-Berkeley (CA), outlines his approach to hurdling. Coach Gipson discusses all aspects of hurdling, from the takeoff and landing, to the running between hurdles portion of the race. Additionally, Coach Gipson provides practice drills and coaching techniques to get the most out of your athletes. Finally, Coach Gipson details the science and mechanics that go into developing successful racers, including proper form and stride patterns.

Topics covered include:

• Sprint Hurdles
• Long Hurdles
• The Takeoff
• The Landing
• In-Air Mechanics
• Running Between the Hurdles
• Coaching Techniques
• Rhythm and Stride Patterns