In Cardio Tennis and How it Can Help Your Team

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Michele Krause
44 minutes
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In Cardio Tennis and How it Can Help Your Team, Michele Krause, Founder and Director of Cardio Tennis, discusses how to improve your team’s overall performance through a variety of drills that focus on developing fitness, fundamentals, and stamina. Coach Krause details specific drills, as well as warmup and cool down for practice sessions. Additionally, Coach Krause shows how to organize and run Cardio Tennis for both small and large groups. Finally, Coach Krause provides demonstrations of the drills.

Topics covered include:

• Practice Session Basics
• Cardio and Agility Work
• Warm-Ups and Stretching
• Hand-Eye Coordination
• Footwork and Fundamentals
• Maximizing Practice Time
• Cultivating Participation and Team Buy-In
• How to play “Triples”
• Drill Demonstrations