The Leadership Fix Game Plan for Sport: How to Develop Leaders of Impact on Your Teams

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Mike Voight
193 pages
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The Leadership Fix Game Plan for Sport: How to Develop Leaders of Impact on Your Teams

So you want to be a better leader. Or you want better leaders on your team (or both). Unfortunately, there are limited resources available to sport coaches on how to accomplish these valuable pursuits. You and your team leaders deserve better.

You deserve The Leadership Fix Game Plan (LFGP). The LFGP boasts four systems and eight sets of "plays," all specific to learning and developing authentic leadership, while establishing a culture of leadership, team collaboration, and accountability throughout your team.

As a professor, expert leadership educator, and long-time consultant to top college teams and Olympians, Dr. Mike Voight has created a do-it-yourself leadership system based on his 20-year consulting career, combined with the evidence-based tools and practices from business-leadership coaching applied to sport.

In these pages, you’ll discover:

  • How to better understand, teach, and develop personal and situational leadership in the sport setting (System 1)
  • Ways to integrate personal experiences, group discussions, and formal leadership concepts and practices to develop genuine leaders (System 2)
  • Methods of providing leadership opportunities so team leaders can practice being impactful leaders while receiving mentoring and critical follow-up (System 3)
  • How to transform players into team leaders through more responsibility and advanced roles (System 4)
  • How to implement the sample LFGP templates for any competitive level

If you truly want to develop into a better leader and develop better leaders on your team, this book will be the catalyst you have been looking for. Read, learn, and lead the LFGP DIY-way.