Developing an Offensive Game Plan (Third Edition)

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Brian Billick
74 pages
The primary focus of Developing an Offensive Game Plan (Third Edition), by Brain Billick, is to provide a basic overview of the steps involved in setting up and implementing an offensive game plan. It outlines a very special structure as to how to determine the size and scope of the offensive scheme you may be using, how to focus that package into a weekly game plan and practice format, and then finally, how to lay out that plan in as direct and simple a manner as possible for both coaches and players.

What's inside:

Chapter 1: How Much Offense?
Chapter 2: Base Offense
Chapter 3: Third Down
Chapter 4: Pre-Red Zone
Chapter 5: Red Zone
Chapter 6: Special Categories
Chapter 7: Installing the Offense
Chapter 8: Game Day
Chapter 9: What’s Next?

What coaches are saying:

The information presented in Brian’s book changed the way that coaches think about setting up and implementing an offensive game plan. His contributions to the game over the years have been very significant.
- Randy Allen
  Head Football Coach
  Highland Park High School (TX)
  2016 5A Texas Champions

Developing an Offensive Game Plan (Third Edition) is a must-read for every coach on both sides of the ball who wants to better understand how his team can be best prepared for success. In a step-by-step manner, the book details and explains the key factors involved in formulating an offensive game plan.
- Rex Norris
  Retired NFL and College Football Coach
  45-Year Coaching Career

One of the most organized and thoughtful minds in the history of the game, Brian Billick has written a book that should be an integral part of every coach’s professional library. The book includes everything—information, ideas, and insights—that a coach might want to know about developing an offensive game plan.
- Charlie Stubbs
  Retired College Football Coach
  35-Year Coaching Career
  Former Quarterbacks Coach, University of Alabama (1998-2000)

Effectively putting together an offense, adapting it to the team’s personnel, and making it work on game day can be a daunting challenge for coaches at all competitive levels. Brian’s book is the ultimate blueprint for coaches who want to maximize their efforts in that regard.
- Leo Hand
  Retired High School Football Coach (CA, TX, NM)
  46-Year Coaching Career