Mindful Quarterbacking: A Playbook for the Quarterback's Mind

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Marcus A. Mayo
130 pages
This book is about the mental game of Quarterbacking. It is written so that any Quarterback or coach at any level can understand and utilize its content. The purpose of this book is to assist the Quarterback in maximizing the mental state of mind so that he can maximize his performance on the field.
    This playbook is categorized into several different parts. The foundation of this playbook is structured on the three elements of mindfulness: intention, attention, and attitude. You will read about each of the M-QB principles, how they are grouped (Core Mindfulness Principles, Ps of Preparation, and Cs of Competition) and will also learn how to utilize each of the principles within the three elements of mindfulness.
    Each M-QB principle will cover how and why the principle relates to Quarterbacking. As this playbook progresses, there will be M-QB Situation readings, where the Quarterback can read about some things that he might encounter (or have previously encountered) as a Quarterback. The Quarterback will then be asked to digest everything he's read, write about how he would usually handle such situations, and also what M-QB principles he can apply to better handle the situation better or differently.
    In this playbook, the Quarterback will also be provided meditations, guided imagery exercises, as well as reminders and solutions that he can apply to help maximize focus and always take back the present moment and effectively handle anything that arises throughout their journey.
    This playbook will also act as a journal and will have sections where the Quarterback can write, reflect, and evaluate his progress becoming a Mindful Quarterback. In the appendix, there are meditations for pre-practice for each day of the week, goal setting charts, and a weekly/daily reflec