Mindful Quarterbacking: A Playbook for the Quarterback's Mind

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Marcus A. Mayo
130 pages
Mindful Quarterbacking: A Playbook for the Quarterback's Mind, by Marcus A. Mayo, is about creating a quarterback lifestyle that will allow quarterbacks to be in the present moment at all times, while competing on the football field and while away from the football field. Many programs have systems in place that tell him what the defense is, what drops to take, the reads, where to go with the ball, how to throw the ball, and so forth. Although those things are helpful to the art of quarterbacking, the most important element to playing the toughest position in sports goes beyond schematics and is often overlooked.

Mindful Quarterbacking: A Playbook for the Quarterback's Mind will help train quarterbacks to be in the present moment at all times, which will allow them to be coached by their coaches at an optimal level and in turn take their performance to an optimal level. It will help quarterbacks to identify and be themselves (authentic self) and how to effectively handle everyday distractions at any given time. The principles in is book will help by enhancing a quarterback’s positive state of mind and give him the confidence that he can handle all distractions and obstacles that come his way in a positive and productive manner.

Mindful Quarterbacking: A Playbook for the Quarterback's Mind will cover many different topics. With practice, a mindful quarterback may experience what many describe as a state of flow or being in the zone, but that is not something that can be forced—just experienced and experienced with continuous practice. The main objective is to make being fully present a part of every snap and everyday living, which will enhance the quarterback’s chances of success in every area of life off and on the field. It’s important to remember that mindful quarterbacking is a practice that provides quarterbacks a lifestyle and will assist in maximizing the art of quarterbacking. The more a quarterback practices, the better the results will be. This playbook can always be of assistance as long as you want it to be.

What's inside:

Chapter 1: Hakuna Matata
Chapter 2: Controllable Goals
Chapter 3: Ego-Self vs. Auto-Self
Chapter 4: It’s a Game—Very Serious Fun
Chapter 5: Mindful Quarterbacking Principles
Chapter 6: The Core Principles of Mindfulness
Chapter 7: The Ps of Preparation
Chapter 8: The Cs of Competition
Chapter 9: The Three Elements
Chapter 10: M-QB Weekly Practice Goal Setting
Chapter 11: Approaching Game Time
Chapter 12: Distractions
Appendix A: Extras
Appendix B: Quarterback Preparation Tool

What others are saying:

It gives me great pleasure to write a few words about the author of this book, Marcus Mayo. He is an illustration of an attitude of achievement and work ethic. I had the opportunity to help coach him in his high school career and ever since in his journey in coaching. He is a tireless worker and has used that work ethic and intelligence to forge a successful coaching career. He is dogged in learning and perfecting his craft and, as this book should illustrate, he has defined a mindset of quarterback play that is well thought out and perceptive. Using some examples in this book you should see a different way of attacking the mind of your quarterback and open your eyes to new thoughts.
- Chris Beatty, Wide Receivers Coach, University of Maryland

I have known Coach Marcus Mayo for over 10 years, and have followed his rise through the football coaching ranks closely. My personal experience with Marcus has been nothing short of excellent. Marcus has a great knowledge of the game of football and a real awareness of what it truly takes to play the quarterback position. I believe him to be one of a small group of quarterback coaches who can truly help quarterbacks focus fully and teach the fundamentals of what it takes to become a great quarterback.
- Bill Mountjoy, Retired High School and College Football Coach

Marcus is a thoughtful, caring, and passionate coach. As an optimal performance coach for athletes, artists, and leaders, I’ve had the pleasure of using mindfulness techniques for over two decades. I am happy to see Marcus join others who are bringing attention to this area. In Mindful Quarterbacking, there are bound to be several insights which will help quarterbacks, and quarterback coaches, improve as athletes and people.
- Mark Newton, Head Football Coach, Menlo School (CA)

Coach Mayo understands both the mental and the physical aspects of quarterbacking. He is an authority of the position. His passion and hunger for the game of football are second to none. Marcus’s knowledge of the game is solid and his book provides coaches and quarterbacks with authentic tools to help the quarterback achieve success.
- Troy Taylor, Quarterbacks Coach, Virginia Union University

Marcus has a unique way to connect the game of football with the players that he coaches. His enthusiasm and genuine concern for each of his players is what sets him apart from other coaches. This book will benefit those who have a great love and respect for the game of football. Coaching goes beyond the X’s and O’s, and Marcus understands this.
- Mike Van Diest, Head Football Coach, Carroll College