Quarterback Essentials

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Drew Tate
51 minutes
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In Quarterback Essentials, Drew Tate, former NFL Player and Quarterbacks Coach at University of Texas-Martin, outlines his thoughts on successfully developing QBs. Coach Tate details a variety of fundamentals including grip, footwork, and moving inside and outside of the pocket. Additionally, Coach Tate discusses proper techniques for route running, release techniques, and progressions from a QB point-of-view. Finally, Coach Tate provides a variety of drills illustrating his philosophies.

Topics covered include:

• Defining the QB Skills and Attributes
• Developing a “QB Mindset”
• QB Basics and Fundamentals
• Gripping the Ball
• Dropbacks and Footwork
• Throwing on the Move
• Identifying Blocking Schemes and Protections
• QB Drill Work with an Emphasis on Warm-ups and Every Day Drills (EDDs)