Offensive Coordinator Handbook for Football’s Running Game

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Leo Hand
269 pages
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A one-dimensional offensive football team is rarely successful. To achieve optimal success, an offense must possess the dual ability to run and pass. In recent years, the spread offense has greatly enhanced the passing game. The excitement generated by spread passing game has been phenomenal. Unfortunately, it has caused some coaches to overlook the potential of the run. Offensive Coordinator Handbook for Football’s Running Gameenables coaches to develop a fully comprehensive running game whose potential equals that of their passing game.

Chapter 1 explains 50 offensive concepts that will improve any team’s ability to light up the scoreboard. All 50 concepts are expounded by 15 of football’s most successful coaches. To attack a defense effectively, a coach must have a thorough understanding of defense. Chapter 2 goes on to fully examine the strengths and weaknesses of football’s 10 most prevalent defenses. The purpose of any offensive formation is to gain an advantage over the defense, and Chapter 3 describes how 14 backfield formations and 33 receiver sets can be integrated into countless formation variations that result in offensive advantages through defensive manipulation.

Chapters 4 through 23 illustrate how 10 different defenses can be attacked with 20 different blocking schemes. Each scheme is fully diagramed and explained with examples of how the scheme can be amalgamated into a one-back, two-back, or three-back backfield formation.

Chapters 24 and 25 detail all the backfield and line techniques necessary to successfully execute each blocking scheme and backfield maneuver. The sequential organization of plays is and always has been one of the key elements in a successful running game. Chapter 26 illustrates and fully explains how 50 different blocking schemes and backfield movements can be incorporated into a potentially high scoring, sequential running game.

A fatal mistake made by many coaches is following the crowd, doing the same thing that most everyone else is doing. A coach with inferior talent will never beat another coach with superior talent with common conformity. He must dare to be different! Chapter 27 concludes with the presentation of an offense that the author has named Dare. Fully illustrated and explained are 30 running plays that present new and unusual challenges for any defense.

Offensive Coordinator Handbook for Football’s Running Game is a must for every coach’s library.