The Special Teams Coordinator’s Football Handbook

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Michael Cieri
230 pages
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The Special Teams Coordinator’s Football Handbook is a comprehensive guide for football coaches who need to know more about the kicking game. The information in the book has been developed and comprised by Mike Cieri during his half century of coaching winning championship teams both on the collegiate and high school levels. Numerous topics are presented that are easily understandable and would enable any football coach to improve the kicking game that leads to winning the hidden yardage battle.

This book also features philosophy and organization strategies, detailed instruction on how to develop the special teams player and specialists, as well as preparing scouting reports and game planning, and suggestions on grading and issuing awards plus game day procedures. This book provides an in-depth study of the schematics and the best practice drills needed to teach and build the six phases of the kicking game for success. In addition, this book demonstrates the importance of tackling, turnovers, and ball security surrounding the kicking game.

The Special Teams Coordinator’s Football Handbook will help you better coach special teams. It provides tactical and technical information that will benefit your team. It will teach you how to give proper instruction to players, which in turn will lead to excellent execution and positive results. It also provides planning and preparation insight that will propel perfect performance. Let it help you win football games. After all, special teams play is the quickest way to win football games.

What's inside:

Chapter 1: Philosophy of the Special Teams
Chapter 2: Special Teams Organization
Chapter 3: Developing Special Teams Players
Chapter 4: Developing the Specialists
Chapter 5: Scouting Report, Game Plan Preparation, and Game Day Procedures
Chapter 6: Grading and Awards

Chapter 7: Punt Protection and Coverage (The Most Important Play in Football—The Bomb Squad)
Chapter 8: Punt-Pressure—The Most Devastating Play in Football
Chapter 9: Kickoff Coverage—The Most Destructive Play in Football
Chapter 10: Kickoff Return (The Most Exciting Play in Football—‘Show Time’)
Chapter 11: Point After Touchdown and Field Goal
Chapter 12: Point After Touchdown/Field Goal Defense—The Most Decisive Play in Football
Chapter 13: Tackling, Turnovers, and Ball Security—The Greatest Momentum Changer in Football

What coaches are saying:

The Special Teams Coordinator’s Football Handbook is one of the most comprehensive special teams books that I have ever read. It will be an invaluable resource for every special teams coordinator’s or coach’s library. The book provides a wealth of sound and effective information that I wish I would have known when I became a special teams coordinator. The theories, organization, techniques, schemes, and drills are simple, common sense-oriented, doable, and fundamentally sound. They will help any special teams coach improve the quality of his squad’s performance.
John Pearce
Head Football Coach, Sul Ross State University (TX)

Mike Cieri is one of the most outstanding teachers and coaches of special teams in football today. He has dedicated himself to improving football by thoroughly researching every aspect of special teams play to make it digestible to all. Coach Cieri is a leader and an innovator in the game of football. This book is an accumulation of his efforts and proficiency in special teams philosophy and instruction.
Jim Delaney
Head Football Coach, High Point High School (NJ)

Coach Cieri has energized the kicking game at Montclair State University. It does not take long for his players to recognize the knowledge he possesses, the organizational skills, and the individual skill-building techniques that have enabled his Red Hawks special teams units to be a powerful force in Division III football.

Rick Giancola
Head Football Coach, Montclair State University (NJ)

Coach Cieri has raised the standard of excellence and has set a high water mark in the most important phase of the game—special teams. Coach Cieri has given the Red Hawks, through his special teams play, a significant advantage in each week’s battle. Coach Cieri has a gift for breaking down complex techniques into simple components that each player can master. I highly recommend this book that is written by one of the best teachers and coaches in college football today.
Sherman Wood
Head Football Coach, Salisbury University (MD)

Mike Cieri’s special teams consistently play as well as or better than other special teams units on our schedule. Coach Cieri understands the total kicking game. A master of solid technique and fundamentals, the use of drills, the development of a practice plan and game plan, and the handling of in-game strategies, Coach Cieri helps players and coaches learn how to handle adversity, dominate under pressure, and maximize their potential.
Matt Reel
Head Football Coach, North Myrtle Beach High School (SC)