The Offensive Coordinator's Football Handbook

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Steve Axman
162 pages
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You have just been appointed offensive coordinator for your school. What now? It is extremely important for a potential offensive coordinator to clearly and specifically understand what his role will be as a team's offensive coordinator. The underlying basis of this statement is to help a coordinator, or would-be coordinator, be sure that he is fully aware of his role as that team s offensive coordinator, as designated by the head coach. Without question, the best time to do this is before the would-be offensive coordinator accepts the all-important position. In other words, it is essential that he knows what he is getting into when he accepts the position.

The Offensive Coordinator's Football Handbook, by Steve Axman, is the definitive handbook for the coach in that scenario. This book goes in-depth to deliver the comprehensive handbook the football coach is looking for in order to be successful from day 1.

What's inside:

Chapter 1: Being an Offensive Coordinator
Chapter 2: Putting Together an Offensive Coaching Staff
Chapter 3: Utilizing the Volunteer Coach
Chapter 4: Researching the Offense
Chapter 5: Creating the Offense
Chapter 6: What You Do Is Important; How You Do What You Do Is More Important!
Chapter 7: The Offensive Coordinator as the Leader of the Offense
Chapter 8: The Offensive Coordinator as the Manager of the Offense
Chapter 9: The All-Important Yearly Planning
Chapter 10: Daily Practice Planning
Chapter 11: Game Week Planning
Chapter 12: Utilizing Personnel and Formation Variations
Chapter 13: Planning the Par (Base) Offense
Chapter 14: Planning the Third-Down Offense
Chapter 15: Planning the Red Zone Offense
Chapter 16: Planning the Goal Line Offense
Chapter 17: Planning a Coming-Out Offense
Chapter 18: Planning a Four-Minute, Slow/Slow Offense
Chapter 19: Planning a Two-Minute, Hurry/Hurry Offense
Chapter 20: The All-Important Scramble Pass Concept
Chapter 21: Planning a Kill-the-Clock Offense
Chapter 22: Planning a Hail-Mary Offense
Chapter 23: Fundamentals—The Foundation of an Offense
Chapter 24: Practicing the Offense to Win
Chapter 25: Be Sure to Enjoy the Journey

What coaches are saying:

"Steve Axman has done it again - another great instructional football coaching book. The Offensive Coordinator's Handbook is a complete A to Z guide for any football coach."
- Troy Aikman
Pro Football Hall of Fame Quarterback
Dallas Cowboys

"The Offensive Coordinator's Football Handbook is a must read for any football coach, be he offensive, defensive, or special teams minded."
- Dino Babers
Head Football Coach
Syracuse University

"I love Coach Ax's 'big four' presentations of game and practice planning: par/base offense, third-down offense, red zone offense, and goal line offense."
- Noel Mazzone
Offensive Coordinator
University of Arizona

"The Offensive Coordinator's Football Handbook has it all - kill-the-clock offense, coming-out offense, slow/slow offense, two-minute hurry/hurry offense."
- Bobby Hauck
Head Football Coach
University of Montana

"Yearly, daily, and game week practice planning... The Offensive Coordinator's Football Handbook misses nothing."
- Preston Jones
Head Football Coach
Perry High School (AZ)