Perfecting the Reach Block

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Scott Peters
42 minutes
Perfecting the Reach Block provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamental skills and techniques for successfully executing a reach block. In detailed step-by-step fashion, the DVD explains and demonstrates how offensive linemen should perform the reach block. Among the basic aspects covered are footwork, body alignment, hand placement, proper fit, and finish. The DVD also addresses how a reach block should be executed against both a tight and a wide technique, as well as at the linebacker level. Featuring cutting-edge information that places a particular emphasis on player safety, the DVD is a must-have resource for coaches and athletes at all competitive levels.

Among the topics covered: 

• Foot placement 
• Strong frame 
• Closing the curtain 
• Trailing 
• Reach technique recourse 
• Fit drill 
• Second-level blocking 
• Second-level blocking foot placement 
• Second-level blocking angles 
• How to get out of there as a center 
• S.P.P.A.T. 
• Common questions