Pitching, Arm Care, and How to Leverage Driveline

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Kyle Boddy
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In Pitching, Arm Care, and How to Leverage Driveline, Kyle Boddy, founder of Driveline Baseball, discusses his methods for developing pitchers, and translating that to success at the college and professional levels. Coach Boddy uses advanced statistics to identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as how to formulate a game plan for your pitchers. Additionally, Coach Boddy outlines how to communicate your goals and philosophies to your athletes, while also detailing how to become more effective as coaches.

Topics covered include:

• Being an Analyst vs. Being a Coach
• Using Advanced Statistics in Pitching
• Creating and Implementing Game Plans
• Improving Communication
• Training Coaches
• Utilizing Technology in Practice and Training
• Programs and Techniques used by Driveline Baseball