Plyometric Training for Track and Field

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Larry Judge
69 minutes

Plyometric Training for Track and Field provides an overview of the key factors involved in all aspects of plyometric training. Featuring one of the most respected coaches in track & field, the DVD explains why plyometrics should be blended into an athlete's training plan and how this highly effective form of training can be used to build a base for subsequent high-intensity, speed-strength work. The DVD details both the technical guidelines and the proper techniques for performing plyometrics. The DVD also reviews how coaches can plan an effective plyometric session.

Among the topics covered:

• The basic jumping skills
• Different categories of plyometrics
• Progression of activities
• Proper plyometric landing position- postural integrity
• Technical guidelines
• Proper technique
• Illustration of the stretch reflex
• Designing plyometric training
• Conditioning for plyometrics
• Planning a plyometric session
• Medium/high-intensity plyometrics
• Upper-body plyometrics