Running the Wildcat Power Game

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Paul Golla
61 minutes
Running the Wildcat Power Game presents an overview of a proven offense that is designed to force the defense to defend all eleven offensive players. The video details the numerous advantages that this offensive system offers, including the fact that it is easy to set up in practice. It also provides great play-action possibilities, as well as sets up the option game. The video reviews four specific plays that can be successfully executed from this offense. In addition, given that much of the success of this attack depends on the play of the offensive line, the video not only looks at five different techniques that the offensive line can employ to block on each play, it also points out the blocking rules for each play against specific defensive alignments, including the 3-4, 4-4, and double eagle.
Among the topics covered:
• Why the wildcat power run game?
• Five different blocking techniques
• Power no pull
• Power vs. 3-4
• Power vs. double-eagle
• Versus the 4-4 defense
• Video clips
• Power g
• Versus a 4-4
• Power kick
• Power kick vs. 4-4
• Video clips
• The fly