Special Operations: A New Spin on the Kicking Game

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Christian Vitale
58 minutes
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In Special Operations: A New Spin on the Kicking Game, Christian Vitale, Special Teams Coordinator for Pima College (AZ), offers new insights on special teams play, with emphasis on the kicking game. Presented at the 2020 AFCA Conference, Coach Vitale shares his philosophy with regard to special teams, identifies the goals of his special teams units, and provides techniques and drills to achieve those goals. Coach Vitale also discusses how to structure and evaluate special teams practices, install the special teams playbook, and translate these efforts into gameday results.

Topics covered include:

• Special Teams Fundamentals and Techniques
• Identifying Special Teams Goals
• Special Teams Schemes
• Structuring Practice
• Grading Specialists in Practice
• Trick Plays
• Punt Blocking
• Directional Punting