The Big Four in the Kicking Game

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Joe W. Gilliam, Sr.
74 pages

The kicking game can turn games around and outright win games for coaches who put its importance alongside game control, outstanding defensive play, and offensive execution. The Big Four in the Kicking Game shows you how to maximize the kicking game through personnel selection, player assignments for each phase, and coaching points for individual personnel for all phases of the kicking game. The coaching techniques outlined in this book can give your team the advantage needed to gain a victory even when your opponent is better offensively and defensively.

Coach Gilliam has dedicated his life to teaching the game of football the right way. Take advantage of his knowledge to catapult your team to victory. The game is on the line with every kick of the ball-don't risk your team's success by neglecting this part of the game.

Chapters include:

  • Philosophy of the Big Four in the Kicking Game
  • The Kicking Game in the Practice Schedule
  • The Punt and Punt Defense Game
  • The Kickoff and Kickoff Return Game
  • Point After Touchdown and Field Goal Game
  • The Field-Position Game