Starting a Girl's and Women's Lacrosse Program: Formations, Plays, and Drills

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Michael Bayne, Brianna Temples, Rob Colwell
74 minutes
Starting a Girl’s and Women’s Lacrosse Program: Formations, Plays, and Drills is designed as an invaluable resource for coaches who are in the process of developing a new lacrosse program. The video offers a strategic overview of the basic elements of a sound lacrosse program. With equal focus on both offense and defense, the video looks at the underlying factors involved for a winning approach by exploring the key fundamentals essential for a successful program. In addition, the DVD examines the rules and rule differences at the various levels of competitive of lacrosse.

Among the topics covered: 

• Offensive formations 
• Plays 
• Defense 
• 1 v 1 ground ball drill 
• 2 v 1 drill 
• Circle of insanity drill 
• Goalie transition drill 
• 1 v 1 offense and defense 
• 3 v 3 drill 
• Mirror drill 
• Meatloaf drill 
• Line drill with ground control 
• Lacrosse rule differences: college vs. high school