Teaching Explosive Lifts for Sports

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Tony Ciarelli
33 minutes

Teaching Explosive Lifts for Sports explains how coaches in all sports can employ the Olympic lifts to develop explosiveness in their athletes. The DVD reviews the fact that because all sports involve an element of explosion (i.e., the triple extension position), athletes must have a heightened degree of explosiveness in order to excel. In that regard, the Olympic lifts provide perhaps the most effective means for developing explosiveness, given the similarity between the movement patters involved in sports in the lifts themselves. The DVD explains and demonstrates each of the Olympic lifts, as well as a number of traditional power lifts.

Among the topics covered:

  • Example warm-up
  • The value of the Olympic lifts
  • The power clean
  • The snatch
  • The jerk
  • The push jerk
  • Move to the bar when ready
  • The back squat
  • The front squat
  • Overhead presses
  • Pulls
  • The shrug
  • The straight-leg deadlift
  • Lift demonstrations