Teaching the Fundamental Techniques of the Shot Put

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Meg Ritchie Stone
45 minutes
Using beginner throwers, Teaching the Fundamental Techniques of the Shot Put illustrates the whole-part-whole method of teaching shot-put technique. This approach enables coaches to observe their athletes and to evaluate the key elements of their athletes' techniques. In the process, the aspects which need attention are identified. The DVD emphasizes the point that sound biomechanics are essential to proper techniques. The DVD also features several drills that coaches can employ to improve the ability of their athletes to throw the shot longer distances.

Among the topics covered:
  • The ring and the rules
  • Proper footwear
  • Grip, placement, and release
  • Positioning of the elbow
  • Shot-put techniques (shot long, long shot, rotational)
  • Walk-through techniques
  • Teaching the shot put in a standing position
  • Developmental drills
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