The 3-4 Defense - Personnel Alignments and 5-Man Pressures

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Jeff Reinebold
44 minutes
The 3-4 Defense: Personnel, Alignments, and 5-Man Pressures provides a comprehensive overview of the key factors involved in developing and installing the 3-4 defense. The DVD reviews the underlying coaching philosophy, as well as the advantages, of the 3-4 defense. The DVD also discusses why so many professional football teams are employing this particular defensive scheme. In addition, with regard to the 3-4, the DVD presents an in-depth examination of personnel selection, alignments, gap scheme, and how to add extra pass rushers to the nominal 3-man frontline. Furthermore, the DVD details why the scheme is extremely simple for players to understand, how it can be easily adjusted to address various situations, and how it can create a variety of challenges for the offense. Dozens of diagrams, supplemented by game film, demonstrate how to successfully execute the 3-4 in a way that can substantially disrupt the opponent's offense.

Among the topics covered: 

• Selection of personnel 
• Building the fronts 
• Linebacker alignments 
• Gap responsibilities 
• Adding a fourth rusher 
• Adding a fifth rusher 
• 5-man blitz video