The 4 Year Progression: Training Race Selection Goal Setting Psychology - For Boys & Girls

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Laura and Jake Schmitt
95 minutes
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Presented at the 2019 Athletic.Net Super Clinic, Coaches Laura and Jake Schmitt of Redwood HS (Larkspur, CA) discuss how to create a specific plan for high school runners as they move through the program. In The 4 Year Progression, both coaches provide their insight from years of training, racing, and coaching at all levels, and use it to develop a four-year plan for athletes of all abilities in your program. The goal of this method is to “create a life-long love of racing, while maximizing a runner’s ability to peak at the end of the four-year process.” Also included are off-season and summer training, building towards the beginning of the season.

Topics covered include:

• Training Schedules
• Base Components of Training
• Race Selection
• Goal Setting
• Psychology for Boys and Girls
• “Race Simulation Workouts”
• Overcoming Obstacles in Developing Athletes
• Defining a Program-Wide Culture
• Off-Season Workouts
• Maximizing “Quality Days”