The Competitive Runner's Training Book (Second Edition)

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Bill Dellinger, Bill Freeman
136 pages
The Competitive Runner's Training Book (2nd Edition) by Bill Dellinger and Bill Freeman is your insider's guide to the Oregon system that has produced running greats such as Steve Prefontaine, Mary Decker, Matt Centrowitz, Don Clary, and many others under the tutelage of Bill Bowerman and Bill Dellinger. The book dives into the core principles of proper training theories, training plans, influencing factors outside of physical running, training programs for beginners to elites from 800 meters to the marathon, race strategies, and planning for the future.
This is a training book for coaches seeking to get the most out of their athletes and for runners looking to elevate their performance. This legendary training manual contains training plans written by an Olympic medalist who produced 15 Olympic distance runners as a coach and is a must-have resource for any training library.
What's inside:
Chapter 1: The Principles of Good Training
Chapter 2: The Types of Good Training
Chapter 3: Building a Training Plan
Chapter 4: Non-Running Preparation: Icing on the Cake
Chapter 5: The Inner Runner: Toughness for the Mind
Chapter 6: Using a Training Diary
Chapter 7: A Training Program for the New Runner
Chapter 8: Training Schedules for the New Runner
Chapter 9: Elite Training Schedules
Chapter 10: Race Strategy
Chapter 11: Planning for the Future: Thinking Ahead
Appendix A: Imperial Road Pace Table
Appendix B: Metric Road Pace Table
Appendix C: 400m Track Pace Table
Appendix D: Bill Dellinger’s Best Athletes