The Pistol Spread Option: Complementary Runs

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Chris Paulson
42 minutes
The Pistol Spread Option: Complementary Runs provides an overview of a number of run plays for coaches who want to employ a no-huddle offense that has the triple option as its base and who want their offense to play at a pace that is uncomfortable for its opponents. The DVD details the underlying advantages offered by this offensive system, as well as the benefits of utilizing both the option and the pistol. The DVD also discusses the fact that this offense provides simplicity within complexity. In addition, the DVD lays out the five basic blocking schemes used in this offense, as well as reviews the key factors involved in executing several examples of run plays that complement this particular offensive attack.

Among the topics covered:

• Flexibility
• Why option?
• Why the pistol?
• Simplicity within complexity
• Triple blocking rules
• Speed
• Dart
• Counter blocking rules
• Iso blocking rules
• Zone blocking rules
• Jet