The Pistol Spread Option: Option Runs

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Chris Paulson
45 minutes
The Pistol Spread Option: Option Runs features an overview of the key factors involved in executing the triple option in an offensive system that is designed to play at a pace that is uncomfortable for its opponents. The DVD reviews the benefits of running this system, as well as explains the underlying advantages of employing the option. The DVD also discusses the fact that the triple option is the most important play in this system and that it offers an entire running game in one play. As such, all other plays are complements to the triple. In addition, the DVD looks at the alignments, blocking, and reads that are integral to the triple.

Among the topics covered:

• Why option?
• Why the pistol?
• Alignment
• Triple
• The mesh
• The read on #1
• Blocking the triple
• Midline