The Ultimate Guide to Holding Great Teams Together

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Pat Williams, Jim Denney
87 pages
Why do some teams blow apart under adversity while others bond more tightly together? Why are teams of mega-talented superstars often stunned by less talented teams? What makes great teams great? Answer: Winners have discovered the secret of holding their team together.
In The Ultimate Guide to Holding Great Teams Together, Pat Williams-co-founder and senior vice president of the Orlando Magic-reveals the simple formula for establishing and maintaining team unity. It all starts with the respect teammates have for one another. Respect leads to trust. Trust leads to loyalty. Loyalty leads to love. And love leads to friendship.
You might think, It can't really be that simple, can it? But as Pat Williams tells us, Yes, it's that simple-and it's that hard. These five principles are simple to understand, but they're not always easy to live out and apply.
In this book, he tells stories and reveals principles he has learned from great coaches and great players at every level. Through these stories and principles, he'll show you how to turn your team into a united and unstoppable force. In these pages, Pat Williams will show you how team building leads to a bonded and cohesive team, both key factors that great teams have in common.