The Ultimate Special Teams DVD

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Pete Lembo
67 minutes
The Ultimate Special Teams DVD explains why and how special teams should be an essential part of every football program. The DVD details how coaches can emphasize special teams, as well as points out weekly objectives that coaches can set for their special teams units. The DVD also includes a point chart that coaches can use with their special teams players to quantify their relative production on the field with their particular special team unit. In addition, the DVD presents several game-tested drills that coaches can implement into their team's practice schedule to develop the skills and techniques of their special teams players.

Among the topics covered:
  • How do we emphasize special teams?
  • Weekly objectives
  • Point production chart
  • Qualities we look for
  • Special teams quality control
  • Little things
  • Drills for every team: kickoff coverage
  • Drills for every punt return
  • Drills for every team: kickoff return (frontline)