The Ultimate Pickleball Instructional DVD

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Dennis Forbes
146 minutes

The Ultimate Pickleball Instructional DVD presents a compelling overview of the key factors involved in mastering the skills and techniques of pickleball. Containing three separate videos, the DVD is designed for individuals who want to take up the sport for the first time, as well as experienced players who want to further enhance their skills. Featuring one of the most well-respected pickleball clinicians in the world, the DVD explains and demonstrates the basic skills of pickleball, reviews gamewinning strategies for the sport, and offers a series of performance enhancing drills for the game.

Among the topics covered:

  • Mastering the basics of pickleball
  • How the game is played
  • Doubles demonstration
  • Singles demonstration
  • You must win by two points
  • Performance-enhancing drills for pickleball
  • Eye/hand drills
  • Kitchen drill series
  • Block/slide/block drill
  • Mid-court volley drill
  • Ground stroke drill
  • Serve-return-3rd-shot drill
  • Serving drill
  • Return-of-service drill
  • Game winning strategies for pickleball
  • Doubles play
  • Receiver’s strategy
  • Strategy in the kitchen
  • Strategy review