The Unbalanced Underdog Offense

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Brian Spicer
90 pages
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The Unbalanced Underdog Offense by Brian Spicer is a well, argued atypical approach to offensive thinking. This unconventional attack plan details how teams – regardless of numbers, size or talent level – can line up and play competitively. This book not only takes you through the reasoning for the need to think outside the box when you have underdog athletes, but also lays out the basic structure of this overall offensive system. From the use of alignments and motions to the specifics of run and pass plays, The Unbalanced Underdog Offense contains everything needed to install a complete unconventional, yet sound, attack. Though written for helping the underdog team become competitive, the insights and concepts presented in The Unbalanced Underdog Offense are sure to help any coach looking for ideas on how to “muddy the waters” a little against a better-resourced team. Coach Spicer believes “winning” begins when players start believing they have a chance to win on game night and it is up to us, as coaches, to provide them with that belief…even if it means doing things differently!