The Wing-T: Preparing for Defensive Adjustments

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Paul Connor
64 minutes

The Wing-T: Preparing for Defensive Adjustments explains how Wing-T coaches can keep at least one step ahead of the basic concepts employed to defend the offense. The DVD is designed to help Wing-T coaches prepare for defenses that utilize slanting fronts, hard penetration, and fronts or secondaries that adjust to motion. The DVD also covers how Wing-T coaches can deal with defenses that key pulling guards, adjust to down blocks and a diveback alignment, and/or flex their defensive linemen.

Among the topics covered:

  • Tempo • Snap-counts
  • Multiple formations
  • Shifting
  • Defensive adjustments: rotation to the wing
  • Defensive adjustments: slant to the TE/wing
  • Defensive adjustments: DEs upfield
  • Defensive adjustments: keying motion
  • Defensive adjustments: hard-keying guards
  • Defensive adjustments: closing on gap blocks
  • Defensive adjustments: keying the diveback
  • Defensive adjustments: sit back off the ball

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