Training for the 40-Yard Dash

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John Cissik, Michael Barnes
120 pages/25 minutes

The 40-yard dash, or 40, is perhaps the most highly evaluated performance criteria among coaches throughout the country. This manual is intended for coaches working with athletes who are interested in running a faster 40 time. The majority of high school, collegiate, and professional athletes use the 40 as an off-season or preseason test to determine speed, fitness, improvement, and potentially the ability to play. Some of the strategies that this book covers involve the fundamentals of biomechanics, physiology, the ever-important start position, body composition, weight training, plyometrics, and more. The contents of the manual are based on science and its practical application. The specifics of running the 40 are discussed, as well as assistive training techniques such as weight training and plyometrics. Body composition is critical to running fast as well, and so we decided to include that topic in our discussion of nutrition. It is important to note that athletes should only use the program that they are physically ready for and prepared to commit to. These programs represent our recommendations on exactly how to train for the 40.