Utilizing the Mesh Concept

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Shaun McDowell
55 minutes
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In Utilizing the Mesh Concept, Shaun McDowell, Head Coach at Foster High School (TX), reviews the basics behind the mesh concept, details why running it is effective, and discusses how to implement it into your offensive system. Coach McDowell also provides insight on running a mesh scheme out of multiple formations and down-and-distances. Additionally, Coach McDowell looks at the types of protections needed to run a mesh scheme, and the responsibilities of all eleven players on the field. Finally, Coach McDowell outlines how to install other offensive concepts within the mesh system for beating various coverages and formations.

Topics covered include:

• “Why The Mesh Concept”
• Multiple Formations
• Short-Yardage Situations
• Offensive Line Protections
• Running the Ball out of the Mesh
• Wide Receiver Routes
• Adjustments to Different Coverages
• Pre-Snap Motion