Wide Receiver Play in the Pistol Offense

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Paul Golla
36 minutes

Wide Receiver Play in the Pistol Offense details the Big 3 for wide receivers-the three things that wide receivers have to be good at to play the position successfully in the pistol offense. The DVD reviews what coaches can do to improve each factor in their wide receivers, The first factor, get off, involves the ability to explode off the ball, attack leverage, and pump coverage. The second element, execute, encompasses catching the ball, blocking, and route running. The third and final measure, touchdown, entails several actions, including making the big play, making the big block, and blocking on the second level. The DVD also includes drills that can be used to enhance each aspect.

Among the topics covered:

  • Wide receiver big 3's
  • Get-off
  • Get-off-off coverage
  • Get-off drills
  • Execute
  • Holding the ball
  • Execute drills
  • Touchdown
  • Touchdown-weight room