101 Shot Put Drills

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Rob Lasorsa, James A. Peterson
128 pages

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The drills in 101 Shot Put Drills feature a compilation of information gained from the last 25 plus years of coaching athletes, being instructed by others, and by connecting with many track & field and strength development coaches worldwide. All drills should be conducted in a learning atmosphere where every athlete is given every opportunity to be successful.

Chapters and drill types included:

  • Shot-Placement Drills
  • Release Drills
  • Standing-Throw Drills
  • Movement Drills
  • Glide Drills
  • Rotational Shot Drills
  • Turning-Progression Drills for the Rotation Technique
  • Back-of-the-Circle Drills
  • Medicine-Ball Drills
  • Plyometric and Footwork Drills