20 Keys to a Great Volleyball Defense

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Cecile Reynaud
29 minutes

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Putting together a great defense for volleyball should always involve adhering to certain guiding principles. Featuring information and ideas from one of the most respected volleyball coaches in the game, 20 Keys to a Great Volleyball Defense details twenty insightful considerations concerning what steps can be undertaken to help ensure that a team has a fundamentally sound defense. The DVD is designed as a resource for volleyball coaches at all competitive levels.

Among the topics covered:

• Covering in three steps
• Stop on contact
• Expect the ball to come to you every time
• 120 degrees
• Always lead with your head
• Know the angles of pursuit
• Lean into the ball when you dig it
• High and hanging
• Forearm ball control
• Move in the same plane
• Know where the sidelines and endlines are
• See the ball underneath the block
• Protect your shoes
• Penetrate the net low and tight

and many more...