400 Meters: Considerations for Training and Competition

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Kevin Morning
88 minutes
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In 400 Meters: Considerations for Training and Competition, Kevin Morning, founder of Morning Speed Training, discusses how to train and develop runners, specifically for the 400 meter race. Morning outlines specific training programs, which include basic training principles and lead into more detailed training and race specifics, including race strategy. Additionally, Morning details the affects of body chemistry on training and race results, including lactic acid effects and muscle fatigue. Finally, Morning provides film cut-ups illustrating his philosophies.

Topics covered include:

• Coaching Basics
• Foundations of Training
• Intervals and Repetitions
• Aerobic vs Anaerobic Training
• Endurance Running
• Biomechanics and Body Chemistry
• Decreasing Muscle Fatigue
• Alignments
• Film Cut-Ups